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We also manufacture the equipments and control systems for sugar industries mainly mill automation, boiler instrumentation, prd stations and embibition water control system.
The company is established in 1986 at sangliwadi (M.S.) India and within few years we have started to export the instruments / equipments in scientific & research fields. For our excellent research in hydraulic, we have been awarded by the government of india & the government of thailand.



Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder

To determine the thermal conductivity of the Insulating Material.
The experiments can be conducted at various values of input & calculation can be made accordingly.
To plot Heat flux Vs thermal conductivity of Insulating Powder.
Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder

1. Mica insulated Nichrome Heater.
2. Inner Sphere of Copper.
3. Outer Sphere of Copper.
4. Clamp Plates 2 Nos.
5. Set of thermocouples.

1. 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
2. Dimmerstat : 0 - 2 A.
3. Main's On/Off Switch.
4. Voltmeter :0 - 250 V.
5. Ammeter :0 - 3 A.

1.5 m.(L)x 1.0 m(W) table top.
Service Required :
230 v Ac Supply 50 Hz
WEIGHT : @ 50 Kg
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